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About us


Between flicking through the back catalogue of GQ and Gentleman’s journal to affirm success in becoming a trendsetter (or as young people today say ‘an influential’), Stu is a solid 6 foot 5 in height and an astonishing 10/10 on looks and intelligence. A perfect counterbalance to Si, an air of sophistication literally oozes out of his pores. Whilst elegantly striding through life in much the same way as he does on the football field, not unlike a partially disabled giraffe with an eating disorder, he brings a certain piquancy to any celebration or formally booked after dinner talk. Whilst not busying himself with absurdism, the meaningless of life and his eventual death, he has a more than keen interest in global condiments, population change in the central African republic, and oriental haberdashery.


Si is from West Yorkshire and models his football playing style as that of a fat Danielle De Rossi. He enjoys reading anything about Jungian archetypes and is convinced that Kevin Davies was (and remains to be) the most criminally underrated player to have played the beautiful game. Si describes himself as a credulous cynic who is fully aware of his hypocrisy but too lazy to do anything about it.

Episode 15 – ‘Pizza and beer chat – | 1/3/2022

We had some pizza and beer.

We had a conversation.

The recording is low quality.

It is too long.

This is an exception.

Episode 14 – ‘Transfer titillation, New year new us and thinking with Elon – | 13/1/2022

On this award winning show, we delve into the fine architecture of injuries and transfers, we consider what makes our brains think the thoughts that fill it and why other people’s thoughts also somehow get in our brains and change or supersede our own stupid thoughts, and we consider the very very near future with the obvious football podcast predictions under the terrifying remit of being prescient and thoughtful.

‘Definitely the best football and philosophy podcast there is. Except that other one, but I have forgotten what it’s called. ‘ Des Lynam. 5 stars. Gentlemen weekly.

‘This is absolute shit. What are they trying to do? Be funny? Pull the other one. Don’t bother. Pointless.’ Princess Anne. Horse and hounds

‘They seemed to have invented something completely original. Complete and utterly original. No one will care because it’s terrible and unlistenable. But you can’t say it’s not original.’ Michael Glaser. The Illinois noise.

‘Bollocks.’ Patricia Routledge. Women and other people magazine.

Episode 13 – ‘Catching up on things, Magic Meslier and a Christmas to forget’ – | 10/12/2021

We’ve had a bit of a break [again] because of our utter contempt for each other [again] and Si’s incarceration [again].

There isn’t any cogent narrative or reportage within this podcast.

There is a rage, a burp and some predications that are almost definitely wrong.

Episode 12 – ‘Raphinha as a baked good, 3 points none the richer and subscribe and save.’ – | 25/10/2021

We won.


On to Leicester.


That’s it.

Enjoy (or don’t it is your choice.)

Episode 11 – ‘Wolves wonderings, the shiny new young ‘uns and a threesome in a bathtub on Tuesday evening’ – | 25/10/2021

Another podcast? Already? Yep.

We think on the result at the weekend and think forward to Arsenal.

Have we resurrected a season?

Si thinks no.

I think maybe, but probably not.


Episode TEN – ‘Leeds limbo, Out with the lads and putting the Oost in Boost.’ – | 22/10/2021

We continue with the rather downbeat trawl through the current sorrows.

The highlights of this 50 mins:

  • Drawn out analogy of Leeds players as friends in a nightclub
  • Si says the words ‘I have a Nigella Lawson cookbook’
  • An aimless 35 seconds on energy drinks.

Si thinks we will win against Wolves, I think we’ll draw.

I tend to be right.

Episode NINE – ‘Watford woe, Covid Bob and tongue tasting the first team!’ – | 7/10/2021

We’ve been away.

It isn’t professional priorities or family emergencies, we just mostly couldn’t care less. That and we can’t stand each other.

Anyway, listen to this at your peril as we delve into the yucky goodness of players as meals and, for once, I will be unpopular as I think we are actually in a little bit of trouble.

Buy some products from manscaped. Actually don’t. It’s rubbish. Just grow your hair like you are proud to be brushed all over.

Buy stuff like cars and women.

Cars and women are cool.

1 hour and 7 minutes. What a load of bollocks.

Episode EIGHT – ‘Liverpool lull, historical synchronisation and Harry the wrong ‘un meets Proust!‘ – | 16/9/2021

Utterly mental.

So little football discussed that you may as well just open the door to the nearest betting shop and shout the washing instructions of whatever you are wearing on the top half of your body into the sweating and hopeless mass inside.

We had fun.

So there.

Turns out Si is actually quite funny.

I might not want to be his friend anymore.


Episode SEVEN – ‘WEDDING SPECIAL – Dyche wars, Dan James exclusive and Barry from Beeston.‘ – | 31/8/2021

I Jim Therefore I Am is now a married man.

I reminisce on a lovely day.

Si wasn’t invited.

We respond [or react to, depends if you are an idiot or not] to messages from listeners.


Episode SIX – ‘Everton, Pacino and Question Zone!i‘ – | 25/8/2021

A discussion on the Everton upturn, stuff sticking in Si’s spokes about the Leeds squad and looking forward to the weekend at Burnley.

Al Pacino drops in and is all furious and that for no reason.


Episode FIVE – ‘Testicle updates, shaky starts and finding the positives.‘ – | 14/8/2021

A rough day at the office but brightened up by the fact that Si cannot sire anymore offspring.

We lament both the result at Old Trafford and the state of the tubes in his undercarriage.


Episode FOUR – ‘Preseason reason, Token teaser and Difficult chats!‘ – | 8/8/2021

Welcome to season 3. Who would have thunk it?

We are back just one week before we kick off the new season to cast a wry eye over what preseason offered and how we are gonna crack on this year.

Sit back.



Episode THREE – ‘SEASON REVIEW – Goodbye Pablo and Bera‘ – | 25/5/2021

The penultimate podcast of the amazing first year back in the premier league.

We discuss our own personal highlights of the season.

To finish off, I invented a game called Leeds United Hexagons© and tested Si on his LUFC knowledge.


Episode TWO – ‘Poetry, celebrity phone calls and supercalifragilisticexpialioski‘ – | 6/5/2021

A slightly surreal podcast.

We discuss the vitriol of Brighton to the point of creating literature.

We consider what loyalty is in football.

We recreate a phone call that must have happened.

We entertain the insight and erudition of Michael Owen.


NEW Episode ONE – ‘I Leeds Therefore I Am’ is back – | 30/4/2021

Me and Si back to our old business.

Leeds through and through.

Rambling, bad jokes and build up to Brighton.


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